our team


Sara Scarborough, Owner & Stylist


Stylist since 2006, Sara began as a shampoo assistant at 16 years old in the very space that Root and Form inhabits.  Sara loves to create shapes that air dry effortlessly by working with your hairs natural flow, but that also style beautifully when desired.  She is focused on perfecting colors to work with each client's personal needs.  Her top priority is the health and integrity of her clients' hair.  

Lyndsey Hartman, Stylist


Hair is one of Lyndsey’s main passions in life, but more than that she loves making people look and feel their absolute best, both inside and out.  A stylist since 2008, Lyndsey has learned that trust and communication are key to creating beautiful results for her clients.  Beginning her career in Pennsylvania, Lyndsey spent 8 years as a stylist in California learning new techniques, with a focus on enhancing and working with her clients natural texture.  She loves every aspect of hairdressing and enjoys nurturing personal relationships with her clients that allow her to create styles that they are excited about and are easy to maintain. 

Ashlee Harris, Stylist


Ashlee has been a stylist since 2014. As a young child sweeping hair in her grandparents salon, she knew this was her industry. She loves to perform dimensional blonding services, balayage, color matching and long layered cuts as well as styling...all while preserving the structural integrity of her clients' hair. 

Lisa Scarborough AHC, RYT



Lisa blends over 35 years of experience in the health and beauty industry with a deep passion for the profound healing science of Ayurveda. Lisa believes that beauty is revealed when one aligns her true self with the wisdom of Mother Nature. Using yoga and its’ ancient sister science, Ayurveda, Lisa helps you to find balance through proper diet, movement, and lifestyle.