Mission: Beauty through wellness


Philosophy: Teaching you how to lovingly cultivate the radiant beauty that dwells in each of us. For beauty is more than the shade of your hair or the cut of your clothes. It is the light that shines so brilliantly when when one is living in conscious harmony with nature.


Through the ancient science of Ayurveda, in the spirit of cleansing and purification, we offer you the most natural products, the most purifying treatments and the most loving support in your quest for healthy and thoughtful living.


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Herbal Scalp Treatment

The crown of the head holds great spiritual significance as our connection to the Universe. Keep the energetic channels open and flowing with this uplifting scalp therapy. Your head is anointed with warm, herbal oil. Using the ancient Kansa wand, your scalp is massaged to release energy blocks, clear the mind and strengthen the hair. A natural, organic shampoo and style leave you refreshed and uplifted.



Herbal Facial

Using BoAs’ own line of natural, plant based skincare products, your skin will be gently cleansed, exfoliated, toned and moisturized. An Ayurvedic face and head massage will open energetic channels and uplift your soul, leaving you refreshed and glowing.




Anointing the head with oil is a sacred Ayurvedic ritual. Authentic Shirodhara aims to soothe the mind and the nervous system. After opening the energetic pathways of the head and face through gentle massage, warm, herbal oil is poured in a steady stream over the third eye and crown of the head, inducing a state of euphoria. You’re left feeling relaxed, calm and present in your mind. Shirodhara is especially useful for anxiety, depression, insomnia and general well being.



Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

This profound healing science from India works to restore balance and health. Based on the concept of unique constitution, one is able to develop an individualized approach to good health and true well being. Helping to restore harmony between body, mind and soul, Ayurveda has been found to have a dramatic effect on chronic conditions including weight gain, IBS, anxiety and insomnia. Through daily routine and a compatible diet, Ayurveda addresses the whole person according to his/her own natural constitution. 

Your plan will include:

Personal Diet/Nutrition Plan - Daily Lifestyle Recommendations - Herbal Supplementation - Personal Exercise Plan

Initial 90 minutes $125  Follow up 60 minutes $75



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